PROGS info

PROGS bvba is an IT consulting firm specialized in modern enterprise applications, java and web technology, with a pragmatic view and assuring that the finished systems are useable for the end-users, run reliably and can be maintained at reasonable cost.

We have a lot experience of experience in architecture and development of enterprise software and in the use and development of both closed source and open source software.

PROGS is the creator and infrastructure sponsor of the equanda and staticwiki projects, but has also contributed to various other open source projects.

If you need a consultant for one of the following domains of expertise, contact PROGS.

Apart from the general consulting and software development work, PROGS has also designed some sites like :

Contact info :
   address : Broekmansstraat 99, B-2221 Booischot
   phone : 0496 25 03 45 (international +32 496 250345)
   e-mail :

PROGS used to be known for Sinclair QL work. This information is now (very) outdated, it is still available here.