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Never before has it been so easy to create, fill in and maintain your personal databases. To start a new file, just type the names of the fields. To add or delete a field, no problem, just do it. To change the name of a field, just indicate it.

What's more you can choose to look at only those fields you want, and in any order you specify. And you can select which records you want to view, and which not.

DATAdesign allows you to have some hidden comments for each record, have a general look at the file (in tabulated form) or to transfer a record into the scrap of hotkey buffer, so you can easily import a record in your favorite text processor or editor !

Security is a strong point for DATAdesign. Usually files will be memory based, for maximum speed. Files can also be disk based, making sure all changes are immediately stored on disk, so even in the event of power failure, you can at most loose the changes to one record !

Naturally, DATAdesign is good at sorting and searching. And if you were using another database, you can convert Archive or Flashback files to DATAdesign.

The new v4 of DATAdesign makes the program even easier to use than before. You can now also have QD-style icons on your screen to make the program even easier to operate.

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