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You can order all our products by mail, phone, fax or (if you trust it enough) by email.


All our software has electronic manuals, which can be read and printed in the ProWesS reader. However, we can also supply printed copies of the documentation (or even your own HTML files). The costs are BEF 3 per page, plus postage costs. Contact us for more details. ProWesS does not include the programming documentation. This is available for download. The programming documentation is readable in the ProWesS reader, and partly in DATAdesign (the demo version is be included). We can supply the programming docs for BEF 100 (HD disks only!) If ordered with something else, you don't have to pay extra postage.

Updates & Upgrades

We have an interesting scheme for upgrading and updating our products.

All updates and upgrades on our products are currently free of charge (except postage). If you send us your program disk (or disks for DD versions of ProWesS), then we will send you the updated version back a.s.a.p. When you do this while ordering a new package, this is completely free, otherwise you have to pay postage (as when ordering one program). In fact, you can probably even update with your local QL dealer, which probably makes everything even easier.

 Owners of the pfb2pff program can upgrade to the fontutils package without extra costs.

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