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Since the release of LINEdesign, using the QL has never been the same. LINEdesign gives you the power and flexibility of "vector graphics". This means that the pages in LINEdesign are stored as building blocks, as a combination of all the objects which have to be displayed, complete with size, position and attributes like the colour etc.

With LINEdesign, you can create artistic drawings, technical drawings, process bitmaps (even scale and rotate them!), and any kind of vector drawings. You can draw lines, curves, circles, ellipses, pies, squares, rectangles, rectangles with rounded corners, and any combination of these to create the most fabulous drawings ever seen. Because LINEdesign is a vector drawing program, any part of the picture can be moved, scaled, rotated, slanted without any loss of precision or resolution. In LINEdesign, pictures are device independent, meaning that the printout will be the same on any printer (e.g. same size and position).

LINEdesign is very accurate when positioning objects. On screen, you get an indication of the position on the page of the pointer, so you can make sure that your drawings are true to scale. You can make this even more accurate by positioning objects on specific coordinates, or using a grid (and aligning objects to the grid).

Handling text is another strong point of LINEdesign. You can easily put titles and full paragraphs on the page. All the fonts can be displayed at any size, rotation, etc. All the fonts which are available to ProWesS can be used in LINEdesign.

LINEdesign is a drawing program, but it can also be used by people who are not good at drawing. LINEdesign is a great program for making leaflets, posters, and any kind of printed work. There are a lot of drawings and fonts available in the QL market which allow you to make your pages even prettier. Just check out what is available from sources such as QubbeSoft, Jochen Merz Software or S.J.P.D. Some QL BBS's also contain a large collection of extras.

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