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PWfile is a file management program. It allows you to do all kinds of manipulations on files, like copy, move, rename etc. This allows you to manage your files properly.

To make everything easier, you can choose whether the actions also have to apply to the subdirectories. Also, the program will display how much space the indicated files take up, so that you can know in advance whether there is enough room on the destination device.

There are also other features which can be interesting for example when making a backup. You can - just like in the ProWesS file select window - make sure that only files which end one of a list of extensions are displayed in the window, or, if this is more useful, that only the files which don't have those extensions are displayed.

To accommodate even more powerful uses, there is also a link to the FileInfo thing. When this is loaded (v3 or higher), you can give a special meaning to files with certain extensions. This can be used to make sure you can start editing a LINEdesign file when it is indicated, or edit some source code etc.

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