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ProWesS update

You can now find the latest version of ProWesS on this site. There are two things you should do :

  1. Have a look at the version report, to see which changes have been made and whether there are special steps you have to take when updating
  2. If you want the upgrade, then get a new ProWesS image. You can download it here.

How to update ProWesS

Unzip the PWS.zip file on an empty HD disk, this is your new ProWesS master. In the utilities button, choose ``install software", select ``flp1_" and then ``update installation". Everything else is done automatically.

ProWesS and versions

I know it has created some confusion, but ProWesS doesn't really have a main version number. The releases are dated (that is the date of the most recent file on the disk). This is for practical reasons. The ProWesS package consists of so many small pieces, which can all be modified (and yes, many of these pieces have individual version numbers), so a global version number would be unpractical (and increase very rapidly). Therefore we just use the date of the last change. I hope this is not too inconvenient.

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