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The future of ProWesS

On the QL-user mailing group, there has recently been a large discussion about the development of device drivers on the QL. This discussion included an appeal to have some discussion when developing OS extensions or modifications. As a result of that, I distributed some details about plans for changes in the ProWesS window manager. Jochen Merz asked me to pour this into an article about the future of ProWesS, for publication in QL Today. That's what you are reading now, although there have already been some modifications since I sent copy to Jochen, this version is much more up to date.

First some clarifications. The ideas about the future of ProWesS are not cast in stone. Though some of these improvements are being worked on at the moment, changes are still possible. I would like to get as much comments as possible about these ideas (both what is good and bad, and definitely about omissions etc). This can only help in making ProWesS better, and making the QL a better and more powerful environment. Also, if some of you would want to contribute in some way in the development of ProWesS, you are more than welcome !

The original design info which was distributed only discussed the changes in the ProWesS window manager. Any other part of the ProWesS package was not discussed. In this text, I will try to make up for that, and will include my ideas for the future of the entire ProWesS package, and some ideas about the future of the QL OS (which I hope ProWesS will be an important part of).

The original article was finished on 20 January, 1998.
Last modified : 11 March 1998.

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